Work in Progress

January 2010


This project formed part of the Masters program Design, Art and Public Space (Elisava, University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona). We were asked to make a design for a public space exhibition on Plaza de Glories and to exhibit the urbanists’ (Idelfons Cerdá) plans for the site Plaza de Glories. Many people argue that the design for this area is a failure and the curators of the exhibition asked us to present it as a work for future urbanists to learn from.

The design for this site is part of a bigger project 22@ and was aimed at being the center of business and innovation of the city. This plan has not set foot yet and is therefore criticised by many people. After talking to many people involved in the project 22@ and doing a research on the area we came to the conclusion that this master plan needs more time to implement and therefor we choose as focal point of the exhibition ‘the process’. By doing so we hoped to shed light on the importance of exhibiting works in process in general. We named the exhibition “work in progress”. Inspired by the nomadic cities of Constant Nieuwenhuys we created a platform of scaffolds in which the exhibition would take place.