Mapping Plaza de Glories

January 2010

A cartographic practice of Plaza de Glories, for the Master of Design and Public Space (Elisava, Barcelona). The mapping was an inventory for the project “work in progress”, the design for an open air exhibition on this site. Plaza de Glories is one of the busiest intersections of Barcelona, consisting of office-buildings, the market Encants, a shopping mall, a metro station and a park in the middle of the square. We mapped the site, distinguishing spots with highest diversity of people and spots with highest flow of people. We only mapped during the day because that is when most activity takes place (at night the site is almost abandoned by pedestrians). The maps visualize shortest time routes between the different buildings/sites (e.g by avoiding traffic lights) and shortest distance routes. The occupancy of potential available exhibiting space is measured in m2. Additionally, the angels of vision from each site are shown on the map.