As Professor in Design and Social Justice I currently lead the Social Justice Lab -a research platform within Design Academy Eindhoven- aiming to structurally rethink the role of design in promoting an equitable, just and non-discriminatory society.

From 2014 until 2017, I gained valuable experience as a design researcher in the Marie-Curie European research program TRADERS at Design Academy Eindhoven. For this project, I contributed in the development of a methodological framework to guide future designers who work in participatory and public space contexts. The research grew into a PhD that I obtained in 2022 from KU Leuven. The doctoral research is situated in the field of critical cartography and explored the implications of digital technologies in map creation and map use. It presented opportunities of map apps for three domains: as a means to incentivise participation in public public (space) issues (serving society), as a method to perform design-driven ethnographic research (serving research) and as a situated and collective means to knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer (serving education).

With a specific interest in design for social innovation, I furthermore work as a lecturer at two universities in Barcelona (my hometown) in the areas of participatory design methodology, inclusive design, and interaction design.