Performative Mapping game

Performative Mapping is a location based game in which players create and perform site-specific tasks. A task is a response to a particular site, inspired by its design, use, rituals, acoustics, history, etc. A description of the task is uploaded in audio, text and/or image. As the file is geo-referenced it can only be unlocked when someone else passes these coordinates. The results of the (collectively) performed tasks are uploaded in realtime and can be viewed by selecting ‘game status’. Points can be assigned to performed tasks (5 as highest score). The player with most points at the end of the game wins. The prerequisites for creating and performing tasks is that you’re outside and carry a mobile phone with 3G. You can participate in this game by creating tasks, performing tasks and/or assigning points.

The game was first played on the island of Gozo with the aim to engage with island specific ‘issues’ in a playful and performative way. The game builds upon features of WhereIGo (a toolset for creating and playing GPS-enabled adventures).

Results of a game that was played with Mobile Communication students from Utrecht University in May 2016


First Launch 3rd of May 2016
Development of Application by Iván Fuciños Calle