Finding communities by mapping time-spams and language-use

Eric Fischer’s Geotaggers’ World Atlas maps traces of geo-tagged photos in fifty different cities from the platforms Flickr and Picasa, documenting the city from either the locals’ or the tourists’ perspective. The distinction between tourists and locals is made by the speed at which the photographers travelled (by analysing the timestamps and geo-tags of the photos). The blue dots on the map represent locals (users taking pictures in the same city for over a month), the red dots represent tourists (users taking pictures for a period that is less than one month) and the yellow ones remain uncategorised.

The Geotaggers' World Atlas #1: New York

The second study, Twitter Tongues, visualises the multilingual social city of London by highlighting areas where different languages are spoken. In the map coloured clusters emerge, demonstrating dominant language use in different areas.