Walk Away in exhibition Mind Your Step

For the exhibition Mind your Step, Walk Away was exhibited for the duration of two months at Zone2Source in Amstelpark in Amsterdam.

Our increased dependence on navigational apps renders our ability for chance encounters increasingly remote. Naomi Bueno de Mesquita developed an app that frees space on the map of Amsterdam as a form of critical cartography. The idea is to investigate the effect of map apps for our relation with the city and with each other. During the two month exhibition people in Amsterdam could walk down a street and watch the app erase it from the map. The map could be followed on three screens in the Glass House.

More about this project can be viewed here: https://zone2source.net/nl/mind-your-step-wegwandelen-naomi-bueno-de-mesquita/

The results can be viewed here: https://mindyourstep.performativemapping.net/results

November 2020