Doctoral Dissertation

With the digitization of maps on mobile devices we have become, by default, the center of the world. Our surroundings emanate from us, from a blue dot that sits on the screen. This development narrows our attention to our individual’s position and point of view, often accompanied by Google´s algorithmic undercurrent. Through navigating maps in mobility we are furthermore continuously altering between the physical and the virtual – being ´here´ and ´there´ at the same time. The impact of digital tools and the digitization of maps is far-reaching, both on our way of navigating public spaces and the collective experience of the city, as well as on (new opportunities for) collaborative practices of map making that have presented themselves. This PhD explores the implications of digital technologies in map creation and map use and presents opportunities of Digital Performative Mapping for three domains: as a means to incentivise participation in public public (space) issues (serving society), as a means to perform design-driven ethnographic research (serving research) and as a situated and collective means to knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer (serving education).