Performative Mapping game

Performative Mapping is a Location Based Mobile Game in which site-specific tasks are performed, inspired by a site’s use, rituals, acoustics, history, etc. A description of the task is uploaded in audio, text and/or image. As the file is geo-referenced it can only be unlocked by passing the geo coordinates. The game builds upon features of WhereIGo (a toolset for creating and playing GPS-enabled adventures).

The game was first played on the island of Gozo with students of Manchester University  (department of Island Studies) for the Erasmus+ field-based learning project (coordinated by Chris Perkins). The aim was to engage with local and island-specific ‘issues’ in a performative way. 

Results of a game that was played with Mobile Communication students from Utrecht University in May 2016

First Launch 3rd of May 2016
Software developer of Performative Mapping Game: Iván Fuciños Calle